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Hello and Welcome

Hello and welcome to my personal journal. 

All posts relating to Federico Garcia Lorca and Salvador Dali are now at the Lorca/Dali Community, including my fiction.  Lorcadali is an open community and can be accessed at http://community.livejournal.com/lorcadali/ .

To read my personal posts you will need to friend me here at [info]ladyinpink602 .

See you soon!

Flying to Munich on Saturday for a six day holiday, after a night at an airport hotel. Really looking forward to this break - will hopefully be able to post pics when I get back. :)


Happy Easter

A very  Happy Easter to all my friends at LJ.

I'm off to Berlin tomorrow for a four day break so I'm hoping the good weather in England will follow me there!

This Japanese video of a dog who stayed by his injured friend brought tears to my eyes.  Apart from showing the tremendous loyalty of dogs it also highlights the plight of animals in the aftermath of the tsunami.

Here's another video about the plight of Japan's animals:

Let's pray that these videos help to raise awareness.


Film Rec - The King's Speech

Yesterday I went to see a brilliant film which I can't recommend highly enough.  If you get the chance to see "The King's Speech", take it - this film is a masterpiece.  Colin Firth deserves an Oscar for his role as King George VI and his battle with a speech impediment.  IMO he should have got one for "A Single Man" and if he doesn't get one this time well there's some funny business at work!  The supporting actors Geoffrey Rush and Helena Bonham-Carter are also extremely good.  I honestly couldn't fault it.  Here's the trailer:


and the synopsis on imdb:


Bears just want to have fun

 I've been following the story of Lily the young American black bear and her cub Hope.  The two of them are absolutely delightful to watch:

Aren't animals wonderful? You can learn more about Lily and Hope's story here:

Let's hear a big Awwwww.....



Happy New Year

A Happy New Year to all my LJ friends. Have a great evening whatever your plans are!
I hope 2011 is a good year for all of us and for those we love. 

I can't believe we're starting the second decade of the 21st century - frightening how time goes.   Is it just me who thinks 2000 and the millenium bug happened yesterday?


I wish you all a joyful and blessed Christmas.    Whatever your plans are for the festive season, I hope you have a wonderful time with an opportunity to relax and be refreshed.  Thank you for your friendship in 2010 - it is really appreciated!

Here's a little Christmas music:

More thank yous

A big "Thank You" to lab_jazz , qbeeqt  and snowmore  for the wonderful virtual gifts.  Thank you for thinking of me!

Thank You!

Thank you so much to [info]ashmedai  and [info]qbeeqt  for their e-cards and [info]twicet  for the virtual gift.  I also want to thank [info]snowmore[info]lab_jazz and [info]herefordroad  for their Christmas cards which arrived by conventional means.  They were all lovely and I really appreciate them - thank you friends!